Fraser Uniquip has taken a position that there is nothing so important or urgent that it should ever compromise the Health or Safety of our employees, customers, subcontractors and the general public.

The Fraser Group of Companies has adopted and is committed to, a policy on Health, Safety and protection of the Environment in the execution of our business activities and will therefore strive to :-

  • Prevent injuries to people and property.
  • Comply with all Statutory Health, Safety and Environment protection regulations in the countries where we conduct our business.
  • Incorporate in our designs Health, Safety and Environment protection features
  • Identify, assess and mitigate as far as is practicable the risk to Health, Safety and the Environment associated with our activities
  • Ensure continual improvement in the Company’s systems, products and services.
  • Provide information, protection and training to our employees, contractors and members of the public who are associated with or affected by our business activities on Health, Safety and Environmental protection related matters.
  • Provide a forum to our employees to continuously improve Health, Safety, and Environment protection awareness to achieve the Company’s objectives.
  • Implement and maintain a system to monitor and administer the Health, Safety and Environment protection Policy of the Company