Fraser Uniquip offer a range of solutions for the treatment of Acid gases to suit particular project requirements.

There are a number of technologies available for the removal of acid gases - primarily H2S and CO2, from natural gas streams. Some of these technologies can also be used for the recovery of H2S and CO2 from natural gas and flue gas streams. These technologies can be broadly categorised into the following:

  • Reversible Chemical Reaction (Generic MEA / DEA / MDEA or Formulated Solvent)
  • Physical Solvent Process (Selexol┬« / Sufinol┬« / Fluoramine┬« )
  • Dry Bed Adsorption Processes (Iron Sponge / Activated Carbon / Molecular Sieve

There are many variables involved in correctly specifying and selecting the optimum gas treatment technology including :

  • Type & Quantity of Impurity in the Sour Gas
  • Outlet Specification for the Treated Gas
  • Outlet Specification for the Waste Gas
  • Inlet conditions (Temperature/Pressure) of Sour Gas
  • Required Selectivity of Acid Gas Removal
  • Waste Gas Disposal
  • Local availability of Solvent (if used)
  • Facility subject to motions (i.e. FPSO's/FPU's)

With an established track record of successfully supplying Acid Gas Treatment Units Fraser Uniquip have the expertise and experience to offer complete in-house designed units. Our in-house process designs are optimised by the industry leading rate based process simulation software.