The history of the Fraser Uniquip Group dates back over 50 years to 1957 with the incorporation of Uniquip Pty Ltd in Australia. Uniquip quickly became an established process equipment designer and supplier delivering a full range of services from preliminary studies to full EPC turnkey projects for a variety of process equipment and Plant for Gas Purification Plants, CO2 Production Plants, Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical Plants, Tungstic Acid manufacturing Plant and Coal Tar Distillation Units.

In addition to its OEM scope Uniquip has had very successful and lengthy relationships with several Principals over the years. For its Fired Heater product line Uniquip initially designed under licence from American technology providers. In 1986 Uniquip was acquired by Plenty–H&M Pty Ltd resulting in a name change to Plenty Uniquip Pty Ltd.

In 1993 Plenty Uniquip entered into a non-exclusive Licence Agreement with Lummus Heat Transfer BV for its Fired Heater technology. In 2002 the Uniquip part of Plenty Uniquip was sold to a management buy-out and Uniquip Engineering Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia focusing at the time primarily of the Fired Heater product range and retaining the Lummus Heat Transfer licence.

In 2006 Fraser Uniquip Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia to focus on the grass roots Process Equipment supply business and Fraser Uniquip Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia as a result of the market demand for a customer focused offshore Process Equipment supplier, initially targeting FPSO applications. Key personnel from the Oil & Gas industry were selected and hired and Fraser Uniquip quickly established itself as a leading Separation and Gas Processing specialist. The Company Shareholders and Employees have lengthy histories of successful process equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation and with this the scope of Fraser Uniquips portfolio continued to grow.

In 2010 Fraser Uniquip Sdn Bhd purchased controlling interested in Uniquip Engineering Pty and established the Group Head Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 2013 Fraser Uniquip purchased GKSS Industrial Heating Pty Ltd to add a separate industrial Fired Heater product range to the Groups API Fired Heater product range. To date over 3,200 projects have been undertaken by the Group.