Fraser Uniquip offer a range of fired heater products including Horizontal hot oil heaters and Incinerators, FCC Fired Heaters, Steam Superheaters, Natural and Forced draft Water Bath Heaters, and Direct Fired Reboilers.

Having been at the forefront of combustion engineering and heat transfer technology for over 50 years Fraser Uniquip is able to draw on a wealth of in house knowledge and proven technology to offer Clients products best suited for their application.

Uniquip Fired Heaters incorporate :

  • Burners that are selected for optimum flame pattern, stability, efficiency and maximum turndown.
  • Vertical cylindrical or horizontal box type designs
  • Natural or forced draught burners for oil, gas or dual-fuel operation.
  • High quality brick and/or castable refractory and/or ceramic fibre insulation for maximum heat loss and corrosion reduction.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • API 560 and API 530 designs and well as standard industrial (non API) designs.
  • Extensive experience in single or multi-burner forced draught operation with full automatic or semi-automatic control.
  • Dedicated flame monitoring systems
  • Standard or Custom designed Burner Management systems with up to a SIL 3 rating.
  • U tube and multiple retun type firetubes

Our product range is supported by Operator training and routine inspection and maintenance services.